LEMON Sea Salt Soap
LEMON Sea Salt Soap
LEMON Sea Salt Soap

LEMON Sea Salt Soap

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fresh California lemon - bright, fresh, and citrusy

Sea Salt Soaps create a beautiful lotion-like lather and are super moisturizing. The minerals in sea salt help your skin absorb glycerine, a natural by-product of hand made soap, making for a smooth and refreshing bathing experience.

Beyond being brilliantly moisturizing, these bars get hard like a pretty polished stone after they have been used a few times. They last longer than normal soaps and they smell seriously amazing.

Sea Salt Soaps will quickly become your favorite line. They are beautiful and unique~ better in the shower because they do not get soft sitting without a soap dish and they are not super sudsy. It is like bathing with some kind of magical lotion stone. It's hard to explain, you just have to try one!


THE OILS - Coconut oil*, olive oil*, avocado oil, and mango butter (*organic)
THE SALTS - Atlantic and Hawaiian Sea Salt
THE SCENTS - Lemon and may chang essential oils

5.9 oz

Made on Kauai with Love.

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