Holiday Cocoa + Mint | 8 oz. Mason Jar Candle
Holiday Cocoa + Mint | 8 oz. Mason Jar Candle
Holiday Cocoa + Mint | 8 oz. Mason Jar Candle

Holiday Cocoa + Mint | 8 oz. Mason Jar Candle

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Chic | Healthy | Plant-based Aromatics

Clean Vibes Only 🥥🌿

8 oz. glass mason jar with metal lid

• HOLIDAY COCOA + MINT | sweet + subtle creamy cocoa with hints of peppermint | Top notes: peppermint + vanilla | Heart notes: chocolate + nutmeg | Base notes: coffee beans + cream

Delicately infused with a blend of the finest 100% pure essential oils, botanicals, absolutes, CO2 extracts, florals, resins, and spices | ethically + sustainably sourced | all natural

Artisan candles handcrafted for healthy living, California. A portion of our sales are donated to animal rescues. 

INGREDIENTS: FDA approved virgin coconut wax + plant oils | pure essential oils | natural sustainable crackling wooden wick that is eco-friendly, clean burning, made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA

Clean | Fresh | Pure

This all natural luxurious + creamy wax blend of virgin coconut + plant oils is FDA approved | gluten free | toxin free | paraben free | phthalate free | vegan | from renewable sources

all natural | eco-friendly | plant-based | cruelty-free | vegan | NO synthetics

*Please allow 2-3 days before shipping as each candle is made fresh. Each candle comes boxed and ready for gifting. Re-use + recycle any and all packaging! ♻️



Upon first ever use, burn for at least three to four hours, or until the entire surface has turned into liquid wax. This will help prolong the life of your candle.

To ensure a happy candle that burns clean and lasts longer, keep your wick trimmed by pinching off the burnt wood before each lighting. It is best to burn your candle 2-4 hours at a time, never more than 4 hours. Keep burning candles away from children, pets, drafts, or anything that could catch fire. Never leave a burning candle unattended. We are not responsible for the misuse of candle. Enjoy!

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